26 Pictures That Are Both Really, Really Dumb And Really, Really Funny


This is the good stuff.


  1. Posted by c2okiez, — Reply

    Roses are red, I am groot, hOnEy WhErEs My SuPeRsUiT (Edit) OMG Thank you all sooo much!!! How am I at 9K !!!!!

  2. Posted by ellieswafford403, — Reply

    Roses are red, Groot is cute, Honey! Where’s my super suit Edit) Omg thank you for 700 likes!

  3. Posted by mbatsiyan, — Reply

    I thought it was roses are red Violets r blue Groot is dead.... honey where’s my supa suit

  4. Posted by shaesksksks, — Reply

    i had thought roses are red, groot, frozone. i dont know how someone can possibly be that slow so now me and my brain are giving each other the silent treatment

  5. Posted by bemmersen, — Reply

    For a sec I thought it was: Roses are red. Groot is dead. This guy’s got a bald head 😂

  6. Posted by NIGERUDAYOSMOKEY, — Reply

    ...I thought it was Roses are red Groot is dead I’m the greatest good you’ll ever get. I’m sorry;;—;;

  7. Posted by music__4life, — Reply

    lol i was thinkin Roses are red, groot is cute, honey where is my supersuit 😂

  8. Posted by plxyboysxdies, — Reply

    do you have any idea how long it took me to realize it means: roses are red, i aM gROOt!, hOnEy wHEreS mY sUPersUiT. LITERALLY TOOK ME LIKE 10 MINTUES 😂

  9. Posted by alexcishangartner, — Reply

    I thought "Roses are red, Groot is dead, Frozone has an egg-shaped head..." I'm so sorry haha

  10. Posted by Mackwebb123, — Reply

    Roses are red, Groot is green, I’m the greatest good you’ve ever seen——————————————- I know that’s not what she actually says but that’s what I thought when I first saw this.

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