Tree & Daisies


These two images were taken when the ox-eye daisies were in bloom near Bishop Wilton.


  1. Posted by absullivan4, — Reply

    This. This is where is need to lay down with a book in one hand, chamomile in the other, all while baby deer lay around me as I sing to the moon about butterflies. If this isn’t my vibe idk what is.😝

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  6. Posted by icarusephestus, — Reply

    Somehow this picture makes me think that humans long for meaning, outside or inside themselves. Makes me realize that we are more than mere matter and that we could do more than just existing. Makes me think that humans do have a place in this world and a reason to be born. Then i'm hit with the grey fist of the liquid modernity and back to my senses.

  7. Posted by jsimmons3208, — Reply

    I love this photo. A place where I would love to sit for hours.

  8. Posted by emma0akley, — Reply

    ahh I love it 💕

  9. Posted by saraobrien17, — Reply

    The perfect reading spot

  10. Posted by sinnekoo, — Reply

    Omg, I'm remember of Alice in wonderland

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